How Much Will This Cost Me?

The lease payment is $80 per month plus tax ($85.60). Its a flat rate fee. That’s what you will pay each month. No getting to somewhere else and the deal changes or hidden fees. Installation is FREE. When you no longer need the interlock we remove it for $50.

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device is a breath alcohol analyzer connected to the ignition of a car. A vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device cannot be driven unless the driver passes the unit’s breath alcohol tests.

What is The Determinator®?

The Determinator® is an alcohol specific ignition interlock device. A vehicle equipped with The Determinator® cannot be driven unless the driver passes breath alcohol tests via an analyzer installed in the vehicle. Ignition interlock devices are increasingly effective in reducing drunk driving accidents and deaths. They have also been shown to dramatically reduce the number of those convicted of drunk driving who, nevertheless, continue driving.

How Does The Determinator® work?

• When the key is turned on, a voice prompts the driver to prepare to give a breath sample.
• The driver has over 60 seconds to provide a deep lung breath sample. This will provide the unit with a sample of alveolar air from the bottom of the lungs.
• Testing the sample takes 8-10 seconds.
• After test completion, a voice either prompts the driver to start the car or lets him/her know it will not start.
To discourage someone else from providing the original breath sample (a violation of the law when an ignition interlock system is mandated by the court), The Determinator® will ask for random rolling retests